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2 Things to Look for When Finding Moving Boxes

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While you may think that the most important part of your move is making sure that you have a way to get everything from Point A to Point B, the fact is that the most important part of your move is the boxes that you put all your stuff in. If you are going to move, there are a lot of considerations as to what kind of boxes you should get and how you should use them. 

Same Size

One thing that you need to make sure that you pay attention to when you are looking for moving boxes is boxes that are the same size or very similarly sized. The reason for this is that using boxes that are similarly sized makes it a lot easier to safely stack the boxes in the truck or when you are prepping for the move. If your boxes are all kinds of different sizes, then when you are stacking them, you are at risk of their falling over and damaging something in the box or hurting someone. 


Another thing that you are going to want to look for is how sturdy the boxes are. You may think that it doesn’t matter how sturdy a box is if you aren’t putting a lot of stuff in it or stuff that isn’t heavy. After all, a bunch of towels or clothes aren’t heavy, so you can use a flimsy box. However, that really isn’t true; you want to make sure that you are still using sturdy boxes. That’s because you are still going to have to haul the boxes around and pile or stack them up. A flimsy box, even those filled with light objects, can fall apart, meaning that you could be stuck trying to come up with a new box halfway through the move or having loose items all over the place, which could be dangerous, especially if the boxes were being transported in a vehicle like a van that has no barrier in between the cargo area and the passenger area. If you were in an accident with loose items in the passenger area, they could become like missiles and hurt you while they are flying around. 

Making sure that you have the right boxes to move can make your move much easier. You can get them by going to your local grocery store or liquor store to get them, or you can go to a store that specializes in moving supplies and get boxes that are specifically designed for moving.

Choosing A Spacious And Secure Gun Safe For Your Home

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You may have one or more guns inside your home for the purpose of protecting yourself and your family if an intruder were to break inside and put your lives at risk. Although there are good reasons to own a gun, it is important that you take the right safety measures to ensure that it does not get in the hands of the wrong person. The best way to make sure your children and other family members are unable to gain access to your gun is to put it in a safe when you are not using it. There are several types of safes available, but some may be better than others when it comes to the amount of security and space provided.

Selecting the Right Size: How Much Space Do You Need?

Compact gun safes are available for those who only have one gun. However, you may have a collection of them, especially if you own rifles used for hunting purposes. Instead of purchasing several small safes, you can purchase one based on its gun capacity limit. Some options can hold up to 18-20 guns together at once. Consider how much space you need based on the size of your guns and the amount you currently own or plan to purchase before buying the safe.

Choosing a Specific Lock: What Do You Like the Most?

The lock is the most important part of the gun safe because it is what keeps people from getting into your guns and possibly using them to harm someone else. These kinds of safes can come with assorted locks attached to them. A combination knob is one option you can choose from. The combination knob allows you to set a specific combination of numbers that only you would know. Some safes come equipped with electronic locks. You may need to select a code on the keypad and then use that code each time you want to get into the safe. You could even choose a safe that comes with a lock and key. If you choose the lock and key option, it is important to make sure you always have the key with you.

You may own a gun for several reasons, such as hunting animals in the wilderness or protecting yourself against attackers. Regardless of the reasons why you own this weapon, it is necessary to keep it stored away in a safe instead of leaving it out in the open. If it is not properly stored away in a safe, anyone could end up with it in their hands, including young children. If you want to keep everyone safe and prevent anyone from touching your weapons, make sure to choose a safe based on the amount of space it has and the type of lock it comes with, too.

H2-Woe: Ways To Improve Water Quality & Efficiency At Home

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You already know that drinking bad water is terrible for you. If there is anything we have learned from the crisis in Flint, Michigan, it’s that water quality matters. Even at home, you can face disturbing issues with your water. Want to learn how to drink your recommended water each day without facing health issues? These tips will help you eliminate water woes and improve the quality of water you drink and run through appliances at your home.

Have Water Filters Professionally Cleaned

It is important that you use filters as a way to clear out water as necessary, replacing them regularly. Professionals can clean filters, if you use them, and remove potential contaminants. The flavor of your tap water will also greatly improve.

 Maintain Your Water Softener

Not only should you consider using a water softener, but you should also make sure to regularly maintain it. Generally, a water softener cleans itself with the use of salt, but in some cases, salt levels decrease. Add salt as necessary and hire a professional to service your water softener on a regular basis for best results.

Check Your Water Bill Regularly

This one is more about efficiency and capturing water issues before they become major, but it is still important. You may not realize you have a leak or other major issue until you spot the increase in your rate on your monthly bill.

Invest in No-Burst Hoses

Hoses that bring water through your house, especially those involving washing machines and other appliances, can burst wide open. This leads to flooding, among other issues. Special hoses will not burst so easily, providing you with the water you need rather than a flood. Make sure to check for freezing in the winter as well.

Thing Bigger than Your Home

One of the best things you can do for the world around you is to consider the environment as a whole. You can prevent the pollution of water on a bigger level by considering the things you pour down the drain or into the gutter. For instance, motor oil should never go into a gutter. 

The water quality in your home is one of the best things you can provide for those you love. Healthy water equals happy bodies, and there are few things you wish for your family more than that. Water services can help to ensure that the water you bring into your home is always fit for your family.

For more information contact a company like Ecowater Systems.

Hosting Your First Annual Employee Appreciation Event

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If you are a new business owner, and you wish to thank your employees for doing a fine job, you may decide to host an employee appreciation event to give out awards and speak about the state of the business. Many businesses partake in an annual event for their employees, and it is often an exciting time for coworkers to get together and have some fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your first annual company appreciation event is one that will leave your employees feeling positive about their roles in your business and anticipating the following year’s event as a result.

Rent An Area To Host The Event

While holding the event at your company building may seem like a good idea to save money, employees will appreciate an event held off-site. This will allow them to get away from the feeling they are in a working environment and will let them kick back and relax for the duration of the event instead. Consider renting an event hall or see if there is a local hotel that has a meeting room in addition to a dining area that you can rent for an evening. Another idea is to host the event in an outdoor setting.

Provide Food And Beverages

One of the best parts of an annual employee appreciation event is the food and beverages that are served. Do not skimp on this portion of your event, as it is often the feature that employees look forward to and that will be discussed at later times. A sit down dinner complete with menu choices, a buffet with many selections to choose from, or an outdoor barbecue, are all great ideas that employees will be sure to enjoy to the fullest. Serve beverages and desserts as well.

Obtain Awards To Give To Employees

It is a great honor for an employee to receive an award from their superiors. Consider purchasing several plaques, trophies, or similar awards to give out to those employees you felt went above and beyond in helping your business strive and succeed. This can be done at the conclusion of a speech you give about the endeavors your business has achieved and those you wish to attack in the future. 

Hire A Guest Speaker

One great way to get employees inspired to continue working on the path to success in your business is with the hiring of a guest speaker to come to your event. A speaker that provides an inspirational message about pushing forward in the business world, or one that has tips in how to better oneself in the tasks they do for a business, can be a great asset to your appreciation event. This person will have your employees thinking outside the box and will most likely leave them feeling positive about the jobs they do for you each day.

Helping Survivors By Providing Bulk Potable Water Emergency Services: Options

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In 2016, there were untold numbers of natural disasters and unnatural disasters. All of them left people dead, injured, homeless and wanting. Charities like the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army (among others) are still asking for donations to help these people in their great hour of need. Above all else, water is the greatest necessity. If you want to help with bulk potable water emergency services, here are a few options to which you can contribute.

Buy as Many Cases of Water as You Can

If you have a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, consider buying up cases of bottled water or five-gallon jugs. If you cannot find these products where you live, look for “fill your own water jug” stations at your grocery stores and fill dozens of gallon jugs with fresh, clean water. Then put all of this water on a truck that is heading for the disaster relief zones. If you want to make sure all of your water donations get there, hire a trucking company to take the water for you and provide you with tracking numbers. 

Donate Money to Water Drives

When local charities are doing water drives (i.e., drives specifically to collect as much potable water as possible) you can either buy and donate water or you can give these group drives checks for the specific purpose of buying water and sending it where the water is most needed. You can specifically request that the money be spent only on water too, which many charities are willing to do in order to fill this most important need.

Write or Call Water and Soft Drink Bottling Companies for Donations

Water and soft drink bottling companies love good publicity and giving back. Getting the PR people on the phones or responding to your emails and letters with regards to donating water is not difficult at all. Once they have thrown in their hand to the effort, you can expect at least one semi truck if not two or more, filled with water, to go where you have requested the water to go. If you do not get a response at first, keep at it. Eventually the representatives of these companies will get back to you and let you know just how much water they are willing to donate to the cause. Make sure these companies are also willing to send the water as soon as possible, since victims will need lots of water to survive. To learn more, speak with someone like Jim’s Water Truck Service.

Going Into The Moving Business? Tips For You To Get Started

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If you are interested in going into the moving business, there are numerous different steps that you will need to take in the process. However, if you have never started a business or are not yet affiliated with the moving business, then you may be at a loss as far as what to do to get started. Because you will likely be starting small, there are basic and simple ways that you can go about opening a moving business. Get to know some of these easy small steps that you can take and then you will be well on your way to starting your small, fledgling moving business as soon as possible.

Stock Up On Moving Supplies

When you are going to offer moving services, it is best to make sure you have a wide array of moving supplies available for use. Most moving companies not only offer truck services to load and transport people’s possessions but will also offer packing services as well as sell supplies to customers who want to pack for themselves but do not have boxes, tape, packing stuffing and the like.

Find bulk moving supplies and get a wide variety in a large amount. This will include boxes of all sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, labels, markers, and foam peanuts. All of this will serve your business well whether you are packing for your customers or you are simply working with customers that are short on their supplies.

Consider Offering Specialty Services

Because your moving business will be small to begin with as well as will be new and unfamiliar to the people who are searching for a moving company, you may want to try to find a very specific niche or void to fill for your moving company. Offering specialty services can set you apart from the crowd and may gain you numerous loyal customers.

Specialty moving services can include what are know as “white glove” services. White glove moving companies offer moving services that are specifically catered to moving valuables like artwork (both paintings and sculptures) as well as electronics and other high-cost items.

The white glove service involves wrapping the items and padding them, loading them, moving them, and placing them in the new home before the client signs off that the items arrived unscathed. Other niche services can include piano moving, large appliance moving, and the like.

With these tips in mind, you can more easily begin your initial foray into the moving business and build a successful business for yourself.

A Glance At Some Of The Biggest Assumptions About Radon Gas Homeowners Tend To Have

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Most homeowners are vaguely aware of radon and the dangerous risks associated with this invisible gas, but many have little idea about the actual facts associated with it. There are some pretty major assumptions floating around that are far from the truth where radon gas is concerned. To get a better understanding of how you should handle radon gas in your home, it is imperative that you clear any misguided assumptions you have in mind. Check out this list of common assumptions homeowners have about radon gas and the truths you need to know. 

Assumption: Not every home can see a reduction in the levels of radon gas no matter how much work you do.

Truth: This may have been true at one point in history, but advances in home construction and a greater understanding of how radon gas is distributed have changed all of that. Pretty much every home can be reliably altered to bring the levels of radon gas down to a safer level. Through radon mitigation systems and professional guidance, you should always be able to achieve an improvement.

Assumption: Radon reduction systems are far too expensive for the average homeowner to afford.

Truth: There are a lot of ways you can naturally keep radon out of your home, such as sealing cracks in the home’s foundation or improving air flow. However, many homeowners stop at these basic radon mitigation techniques because they assume a whole-house radon reduction system would be too expensive. In actuality, radon reduction systems average about $1200 only nationwide, which is not as expensive as most people assume. 

Assumption: Moisture mitigation systems are a bad idea beneath homes that have a lot of excess moisture. 

Truth: It is true that radon mitigation systems can face problems due to excess moisture beneath your home. However, the primary reason problems occur due to moisture is improper installation to begin with. Therefore, even if your home is prone to excessive moisture beneath, your system should be fine for the long haul as long as it is properly installed. In fact, a properly installed radon mitigation system can actually help reduce moisture levels in the soil beneath the house. 

In the end, radon is a huge concern not to be taken lightly as a homeowner. If you suspect that your home has high levels of radon gas, it is best to consult a radon mitigation service professional for advice. For more information, contact local professionals like Great Plains Radon.

2 Reasons To Utilize A Staffing Agency For Your Business

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One of the most useful services at the disposal of any business is a staffing agency, mostly because they can take a lot of the work and headache out of keeping your company fully staffed. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a staffing agency for your business’ needs.

Allows You To Spend Less Time Looking For Employees

The single most important reason to utilize staffing agency is that they will allow you to spend much less time looking for appropriate for employees. One of the primary reasons for this is that you can make sure that the staffing agency only sends you fully qualified individuals that meet your specific requirements. This saves a lot of time versus hiring directly because it is inevitable that you will end up getting a large number of applications and resumes from individuals that aren’t even remotely qualified for your open position.

In addition, you can cut down on the number of unqualified applicants that you end up seeing even further by working with one of the many specialized staffing agencies that exist. For example, there staffing agencies that focus solely on experience professionals, management level employees, and even employees that have a lot of experience in specific industries, such as the engineering or construction industry. By working with these focused and specialized staffing agencies, you can rest assured that all of the applicants that are sent to your business will at the very least have the necessary experience and familiarity with your industry to function well within your company.

Provides A Continuous Pool Of Possible Employees

Another reason to utilize a staffing agency for your business is that it will provide a continuous pool of possible employees. The reason for this is a staffing agency will constantly have individuals coming in and looking for work, at which point the staffing agency will keep them in their system even if there are no current open positions that match the applicant’s expertise or experience. This means that when you do happen to have an opening because you had to terminate someone or they have resigned from your company, you will not have to wait a long time to fill that empty position as the staffing agency will be able to start sending people to you almost immediately, which reduces downtime and any hits to your company’s productivity.

Contact a staffing agency today in order to discuss the many ways in which they may be able to benefit your company. A staffing agency is a great resource that can greatly reduce the amount of time that you spend looking for employees while also providing a continuous pool of possible employees to fill any unexpected openings that your company may develop.

Three Tips When Using a Self Storage Unit for Your Online Business’s Inventory

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Starting an online business can be exciting and financially rewarding, but if you are planning to store your inventory in a public storage space, there are a few things you need to be aware of to give yourself a better chance at success. The following are a few things to take into consideration.

Humidity and Temperature Concerns With Outdoor Units

Outdoor units are incredibly convenient. You can drive your vehicle to the front of the unit and easily load your sold inventory. However, there are two factors to be concerned with: temperature and humidity. Will your inventory be compromised during the hottest and coldest months of the year? Protecting your inventory from the coldest temperature is an obvious calculation, but heat can be tricky. Some companies, like Diaz Super Storage, know how important it is to keep your belongings safe. Outdoor units have little ventilation, if any. This means that the temperature inside the unit will be hotter than the outdoor temperature. So if there is any question concerning heat damage, you should store all inventory indoors. Humidity problems will be dependent on the material of your inventory or its packaging. Paper is susceptible to damage from moisture and needs the protection of an indoor environment.

Protect Your Inventory from Dust

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor storage unit, over time, there will be an accumulation of dust. You need to protect your inventory from this destructive dust. If it is at all possible, you can cover up any products that are exposed to the open air. But even if you have inventory in boxes, and if it sits around long enough, it will start to collect dust. For this reason, you should invest in a feather duster to keep the surfaces clean. Also, because the floor will gather dust, keep a broom and dust pan inside your storage unit and sweep up every few days. In short, treat your storage unit like you would a room in your house.

Accessing Your Inventory

As you sell product, you will find yourself with a daily routine of gathering your sold inventory, packing it and shipping it. To keep yourself productive, you want to streamline this routine. This will free up more time for other aspects of your business. Make sure your inventory is organized in a manner that it is easy to get to. Have plenty of room to move about and avoid taking inventory unless it is the same product and you can take from the top. What this means for your business is that you should err on the side of renting a slightly larger unit rather than one that is too small and makes it difficult to quickly find your sold merchandise.

By keeping the three tips above in mind, you will reduce the chances of having any problems with storing your inventory, and therefore, giving your new online business a better chance at success.

Promotional Products Still Of Value In The Internet Age

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There is an intense debate raging in the business world these days. People are arguing over whether they should focus solely on digital marketing or still engage in traditional corporate gift giving. Many feel the day of offering promotional products has passed. Who wants to receive a pen, calendar or golf ball emblazoned with your company logo, they argue? It is a lot easier to just send out emails to target demographics, set up a website or post on social media, they continue.

Well, by all means, digital market is very much important to business success the 21st century. Nevertheless, anyone who believes that promotional products no longer have a place could find themselves left behind.

Following are some of the top reasons why businesses should continue including promotional products in their marketing campaigns.

Physical Products Can Be Seen and Felt

People still want to receive a physical gift. They like to hold something in her hands or see it in their offices. Business people spend hours working online on the computer. When they take a much-needed break, these entrepreneurs take a look at the other items on their desks, such as coffee mugs and pens.

You have the opportunity to advertise your brand each day when they are unwinding from staring at the computer screen. In fact, there is added benefit to physical promotional products. Your item becomes associated in a positive manner with their precious moments of relaxation and reflection.

.Physical Products Exude Legitimacy

Those who opine against promotional products unknowingly make the case for them. Think about it. They contend correctly that everybody is online these days, right? Well, that is because, to a degree, almost anyone can set up an online profile. That does not mean their business is any good, however.

When you have actual promotional products that people can see and touch, they perceive of your brand as legitimate. You are not just someone who hired a firm to set up a website overnight.  

Physical Products Last Longer

Market emails tend to last just as long as the recipient is willing to read them. In contrast, a company calendar, for example, sits on the wall or desk for at least a year. Your brand gets seen by those who matter on a regular basis. Order Your Promotional Products Now

As seen here, pens, calendars, coffee mugs, golf balls and other promotional products are still of value to contemporary businesses in their marketing campaigns. If you want to succeed in the 21st century, be sure to incorporate physical promotional products into your marketing agenda, along with digital advertising. 

To learn more about advertising products, visit  Keeton’s Office Supply